Keen Security Services now provides CCTV camera coverage with live monitoring for homes as well as business across Central California. We understand that not everyone can afford hiring a full time security guard to secure their property. CCTV cameras with live monitoring are a perfect low cost security solution for home and business owners who want to ensure security of their property. 

Keen Security Services provides CCTV camera service with live monitoring to various businesses and homeowners in California. Our security cameras are monitored 24/7 by actual human guards who are trained to intervene and alert the police at the first sight of any trouble. 

CCTV with live monitoring

Full Range of CCTV Cameras

At KSS we provide our clients with a complete range of security services. Some of the main features of our CCTV camera with live monitoring are discussed below. 

Real Human Guards Monitoring: Keen Security Services ensures you that our installed CCTV cameras are monitored around the clock by actual certified guards. Our vigilant on duty guards ensure that the premises installed with Keen security services are under the watchful eyes. 

Intrusion Alerts: Our CCTV security services are designed to protect your property from theft and intrusion. As soon as our guards suspect an intrusion in our secured premises we intervene in the situation and warn the intruders that they are being watched. 

Package Theft Deterrence: Package theft is a huge problem in the United States and at Keen Security Services we understand that. Our CCTV monitoring program is designed in such a way that it stops your packages from theft. 

Proactive Deterrence: One of our key features is the proactive approach towards intrusion and thefts. Our guards are trained in such a way that they do not wait for a situation to occur before engaging the suspects instead at the very first hint of an unwanted activity our security team comes into action. 

Police Alerts: Our system is linked with the local police departments and as soon as we detect an intrusion or receive a complaint from our clients we immediately alert police of the situation. 

Customized CCTV Security Services

One of the major benefits of choosing Keen Security Services as your security service provider is that we allow customization in all of our services including CCTV security service. We understand that every client has different needs and different budget restrictions which is why we work with our clients to come up with the best cost effective solutions for their security needs. 

Why Trust Keen Security Services

High Quality Cameras

At KSS we do not compromise on the quality of CCTV cameras and all the equipment that we use. Industry standard cameras and equipment are used and installed as per equipment standards to ensure smooth and interrupted security services to our clients. 

Trained Security Officers

Our on duty guards responsible for monitoring are especially trained for the job and are always watching out for any illegal or suspicious activities. KSS is also a BSIS approved security training institution and all of the guards that we employ are certified as well. 

24/7 Customer Service 

Other customer services department is also as alert and vigilant as our security guards. You can reach out to us at any time regarding any problem or questions about services and we will be happy to guide you. 

Competitive Rates 

CCTV cameras with live monitoring is a cost effective alternative to hiring a full time security guard for your property. KSS provides the best and most competitive rates for our security services in Central California.

Keen Security Services is proud to provide its campus security services in the following cities of Central California:


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