Who is Keen Security Services?

Keen Security Services is a complete security solutions provider working in Modesto and other surrounding cities in Central California. As a family owned business we have been providing security services to residents of Modesto for over 10 years. 

Keen Security Services takes pride in the fact that we only hire professional and licensed security guards for our services. We also ensure that the guards we hire go through a proper background check as well as drug tests. We take all the steps necessary to ensure that our clients are getting the security that they really deserve. 

KSS is also a training institute that provides guard card training to anyone who wants to become a licensed security guard in Modesto. We are one of the best security agencies in the area providing BSIS approved training courses. 

Security Services we provide in Modesto

Government Facilities

You cannot risk compromising on security when it comes to government facilities. The reason is that government facilities house a lot of sensitive information that is of national and international importance. Risking to lose that by theft will put the public’s security in danger. 

That is why Keen security services only deploy their best skilled guards for the security of government facilities. We have both armed and unarmed guards so government employees can focus on making important decisions without having to worry about their or the governments’ assets’ security. 

Hotels & Motels Security

Among other services, security is a top priority for hotel and motel owners. The guests staying at hotels need to feel secure at all times and anything else will cost the hotel their reputation.

By letting Keen security take care of your hotel’s security, you can be sure that your hotel is in safe hands from any sorts of trespassing. Our trained guards and security personnel will ensure that your hotel property stays protected at all times and your guests enjoy a relaxed and tension free trip. 

Warehouse Security

For any business operating a warehouse, security of the warehouse is a primary concern. At Keen Security Services we understand the complexities of securing large buildings. While installing cameras and alarm systems work it is not enough. You need to have armed or unarmed security guards on ground to ensure proper safety of things stored in a warehouse. 

Our warehouse security services are designed in a way that they not only cover entry and exit points of the building but also scheduled patrolling of the overall facility. This allows an overall increased security measure for the warehouse and reduces the chances of theft and any other  damage. 

Other Security Services 

As mentioned before, KSS is a complete security services provider catering to the needs of our clients in Modesto. Other than the security services mentioned above we also provide the following security services to our clients in different parts of Modesto and Central California. 

  • Personal Security Service
  • Construction Site Security
  • Parks Security
  • Campus Security  
  • Apartment Security 
  • Special Events Security
  • Shopping Center Security
  • Storage Unit Security 

Become a Licensed Security Guard In Modesto 

Keen Security Services is one of the best security agencies in Modesto that provides BSIS approved guard card training courses. Anyone who wants to start their career as a licensed security guard in Modesto or surrounding cities can contact us. Our training courses are based on more than 10 years of experience and cater to real life security situations.  

Highlights About Modesto

Modesto is the 19th largest city in California and houses almost 0.2 million people. Because of its increased security and a number of natural and man-made scenic places, the living cost in Modesto is 13.75% higher than the rest of the USA. Modesto has a moderate climate with April, May, and October being the most pleasant months. 

While you’re in Modesto, you can visit museums, theatres and galleries. Some of the best places you can visit while you’re in Modesto are the Great Valley Museum, Gallo Center for the Arts, mcHenry Museum, and Brendedn Theaters.

Locations we serve near Modesto: 

Other than Modesto KSS also provides security services in the following cities: