Who is Keen Security Services?

Keen Security Services is one of the most trusted and reputed security services providers in Sacramento and surrounding cities in Central California. As a family run business we take pride in the level of service we provide and the amazing response that we get from our clients. 

Keen Security Services is proud to provide different types of security services to the residents and businesses in Sacramento. From armed and unarmed security services to campus security and special events security, Keen Security Services has got you covered. We believe in providing quality services to our clients which is why we ensure that all of our clients are licensed and pass different background checks and drug tests. 

Keen Security Services is also one of the few security agencies in the area that provide BSIS approved guard card training courses for anyone who wants to become a licensed security guard. 

Security Services we provide in Sacramento

Keen Security Service has been providing different types of security services to its clients for over 10 years now. Some of the security services that we provide in Sacramento are discussed below. 

Parking Enforcement

In a busy city like Sacramento, illegal parking can cause a lot of inconvenience to the general public as well as businesses in the area. It not only creates unnecessary traffic jams but also restricts entrance to shops and businesses. People often avoid going to places with improper parking and traffic jams. 

In order to solve this problem, Keen Security Services provides parking enforcement services to make sure there are no parking violations in the area and the traffic can move smoothly. Our parking enforcement officers are properly trained and have complete knowledge of the traffic laws of the area. 

Shopping Centre Security

For a lot of people, shopping is a therapeutic experience and a fun activity. But what fun would it be if you are constantly worried about someone stealing your shopped goods or trespassing? Not only for the customers, security is equally important for the stores as well.

To avoid such unpleasant incidents at the shopping malls, Keen Security Services has highly trained guards to identify and tackle shoplifters, attackers, trespassers or people who are stalking you or loitering in the mall. Our unarmed and armed guards make sure that the stores you are shopping in are fully secure and your shopping experience is actually relaxed. 

Special Events Security

Security at special events like concerts, private parties, business conferences and galas is important so all the attendees can enjoy the event with nothing to worry about. Special events like the ones mentioned above have a high number of attendees and handling such large crowds is often challenging. 

That is why we recommend using our professionally trained guards and security personnel who are sure to make your event secure. We have the experience and expertise to provide comprehensive security services, including crowd control, asset protection, and risk assessments. 

Other Security Services 

As mentioned before, Keen Security Services provides complete security services in the city of Sacramento. From apartment complex security to educational campus security services we have got you covered. Other security services that we provide in sacramento includes: 

  • Personal Security Service
  • Campus Security
  • Government Building Security
  • Hotel/Motel Security
  • Warehouse Security 
  • Apartment Security 
  • Construction Site Security
  • Parks Security 
  • Storage Unit Security 

Become a Licensed Security Guard In Sacramento 

Keen Security Services is also a training institute that provides BSIS approved guard card training courses in Sacramento. Our courses are designed based on years of in field experience and real life security situations. If you want to become a licensed security guard in Sacramento please feel free to contact us and we will guide you through the process.

Highlights About Sacramento

Sacramento is the capital of California and is the seat of the California legislature, which makes it the political hub. Sacramento has a long history and is filled with historical museums and theatres which are a treat for the visitors and residents alike. In addition to historical architecture, Sacramento also offers beautiful natural scenery which relaxes the eyes. 

Among the famous museums, the most noteworthy are California State Railroad Museum, Crocker museum of art, California Automobile museum, California State Indian Museum And California Museum. The city has a diverse culture with mixed percentages of Asian, Black and Caucasian People.

Whether you are a resident  or just visiting this place, you won’t have to worry about your security as long as Keen Security is protecting the premises. 

Locations we serve near Sacramento: 

Other than Sacramento Keen Security Services also provides security services in the following cities: