Who is Keen Security Services?

Keen Security Services is California’s trusted security services provider working in various cities across Central California. We provide professional security services to a number of clients in Elk Grove city. 

Keen Security Services is equipped with professional and certified security staff that pass through multiple screenings and training. We also ensure that the guards we employ pass several background checks and drug tests. All of these steps are to ensure that our clients can get the best level of professional security that they truly deserve. 

We also provide BSIS approved guard training courses to anyone who wants to start their career as a professional security guard.  

Security Services we provide in Elk Grove

Keen Security Services is proud to provide security services to residents and businesses in Elk Grove. As a family run business working in the area for over 10 years we understand the city and its people which allows us to cater our services according to the client’s needs. 

Apartment Security

If there is one place that you would want to feel completely safe and stress free it is definitely your own home. At Keen Security Services we understand the importance of having a safe and secure apartment complex to ensure that you have that peace of mind and a sense of security at home. 

We understand the complexities involved in apartment security services and ensure that the security guards we provide are licensed, properly trained and are able to fully understand and perform their duties. 

Campus Security

Campus security and school, colleges and universities is one of the major concerns of parents and students when deciding which institution they want to go to. Providing a safe and secure environment for children and young adults is of paramount importance and at Keen Security Services we understand the role private campus security services can play in it. 

Our campus security teams come with extensive training involving different on campus scenarios and are capable of handling a variety of campus security events. From parking lot security to armed and unarmed campus patrolling services we cover the whole range of security services for educational institutions. 

Parks Security

Parks are a place where you go to relax with your family and your loved ones. You certainly do not want safety and security to be an issue at the park. Most of the parks these days do have some sort of automated security systems such as cameras but they really aren’t enough. With open and vast spaces the chances of a mishap such as mugging or assault increases. 

Keen Security Services understand the importance of armed and unarmed security guards in open public spaces such as parks and amusement parks. Our guards are especially trained to counter various security events that might arise in parks and are professionally capable of taking up these challenges. 

Other Security Services 

Other than the services mentioned above KSS also provides a number of other security services as well including construction site security, private or personal security service, event security, mall security, hotel and motel security etc. Our guards are licensed and properly trained to counter various security challenges that they might face during their time as a security guard. Other security services that we provide include: 

  • Personal Security Service
  • Government Building Security
  • Hotel/Motel Security
  • Mall Security
  • Construction Site Security 
  • Warehouses Security
  • Special Events Security
  • Storage Unit Security 

Become a Licensed Security Guard In Elk Grove 

Keen Security Service is proud to provide BSIS certified Guard Card Security training to anyone in Elk Grove that wants to become a professional security guard. Our course is designed while keeping in mind various intricacies of the job and we make sure that guards trained by us are able to perform to the best of their capabilities. 

Our training is based on years of experience in the private security field and is endorsed by the people who hire the guards trained by us. 

Highlights About Elk Grove

Elk Grove is a very family oriented city where you will find family run businesses all over the city. However, the city also provides a number of entrepreneurial opportunities to its residents as well. With a population of almost 170,000 residents the city is a diverse mix of different ethnicities. 

Elk Grove not only offers great educational institutions for its residents but it is also famous because of the rich history that it holds. The city has various public parks and attractions such as Laguna Creek Parkway and Stone Lake Refuge. The city has more than 90 parks and various more than 70 local restaurants and cafes. 

If you are looking to keep yourself, your loved ones or your business secure and want to stay relaxed and focused on your work we would highly recommend that you hire a professional security service for your apartment complex or your business. Hiring a professional security service will allow you to focus all your energy on the things that really matter such as your business and your loved ones. 

Locations we serve near Elk Grove: 

Other than Elk Grove KSS also provides security services in the following cities: