Who is Keen Security Services?

Keen Security Services is a security service and training provider located in the city of Lodi. KSS provides various security services to clients all across Central California as well as BSIS approved guard card training courses. 

Keen Security Services is a family run business operating in the city of Lodi for the past 10 years. KSS has been an active provider of security services to people and businesses not only in Lodi but nearby cities as well. Our guards are professionally trained according to highest industry standards and we take pride in hiring only the most qualified and certified security staff. Our security guards have to go through multiple background checks and drug tests in order to become a part of the KSS team. 

Keen Security Services is also one of the most reputed guard card training providers in Lodi. We have BSIS approved training courses that can kickstart your career as a security guard. 

Security Services we provide in Lodi

Keen Security Services is a complete and comprehensive security services provider. From armed and unarmed personal security services to corporate security we cover all the aspects. Some of the security services that we provide in Lodi are.

Special Events Security

Whether it’s a concert or a convention, security is an integral part of good management of any event. You do not want unwanted visitors crowding your event or causing any sort of discomfort to your special guests. Furthermore crowded events like concerts and festivals require special security services to ensure no unlawful activities are being carried out by participants or anyone else. 

Keen Security Services provides excellent security services at special events. Our guards are trained specially keeping in mind the various events that can happen at any given event. From crowd control to controlled entry and exit points, our guards have the knowledge and experience to handle all such situations. 

Storage Facilities Security

Storage facilities are often the target of theft and other illegal activities. These facilities are mostly abandoned at night time which makes them a prime target of thieves. Installing cameras and alarm systems work but the effect is often either too late or too little. 

We at Keen Security Services strongly advise storage facilities to hire 24/7 security services to make sure that their lockers and storage units are under watchful eyes all the time. Our storage facilities security services cover all the aspects and come with a proper patrolling and backup plan to ensure proper safety and security of the locker units. 

Parking Enforcement

Illegal parking can be a big issue in busy business districts. It can not only cause congestion on the roads but also restrict entry into shops and offices. Keen Security Services provides parking enforcement services to ensure all the cars are parked properly and do not cause traffic congestion and other inconvenience. 

Our guards assigned to parking enforcement duty are fully aware of the city’s traffic rules and regulations and make sure that they are followed properly. 

Other Security Services 

As mentioned before, KSS is a complete security services provider and we cater to all kinds of security needs of our clients. Some of the security services that we provide in Lodi and surrounding cities are mentioned below. 

  • Personal Security Service
  • Government Building Security
  • Hotel/Motel Security
  • Warehouse Security 
  • Apartment Security 
  • Construction Site Security
  • Campus Security
  • Shopping Center Security
  • Parks Security 

Become a Licensed Security Guard In Lodi 

Keen Security Services is also one of the best guard card training institutes in Lodi and Central California. We provide BSIS approved guard card training courses to anyone who wants to become a licensed security guard in Lodi. With more than years of experience under our belt we are confident that our training courses are one of the finest in the area and are based on real life security scenarios. 

Highlights About Lodi

Famous for its grape wine production, Lodi is situated in Central California. Lodi has a rich history and it is reflected in different aspects of the city. With a population of approximately 68,000 residents it is the 132nd largest city in California. 

Lodi provides a lot of business opportunities to its residents along with a good job market. The housing is affordable and the climate is moderate. The residents are able to enjoy fresh produce throughout the year because of close proximity to rural areas and suburban outskirts of the city. There are a number of parks and recreational activities available for people all across the city. This results in an overall focus towards a healthy and active lifestyle. Lodi offers excellent educational services to its residents as well. 

If you are looking for any kind of security services in Lodi or want to start your career as a licensed security guard please feel free to contact us for more details. 

Locations we serve near Lodi: 

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