Who is Keen Security Services?

Keen Security Services is a professional security services provider and guard training institute operational in Central California for more than 10 years. Comprising a highly qualified team, guards as well as trainers, KSS has been serving its clients in various cities including Manteca. 

Keen Security Services is a family run business and we have been serving our clients in different cities in Central California since last 10 years. We make sure that we hire only the most trusted individuals for different guard jobs and perform proper background checks on the people that we employ. We take your security seriously which is why it is absolutely necessary for all our on duty security guards to have proper license and certifications. 

KSS is not just a security services provider, we are also one of the most reputed BSIS approved guard card training institutes in the area. 

Security Services we provide in Manteca

Keen Security Service is the trusted choice of many businesses and individuals in Manteca. Our guards are professional and our clients are highly satisfied because we do not compromise in the quality of the services that we provide. Following are some of the security services that we provide in Manteca.

Campus Security

One of the most important concerns of any parent while deciding a school, college or university for their children is the level of security that the institute can provide. Keen Security Services is proud to provide exceptional security services to multiple educational institutes in Central California

Our campus security guards pass through additional background checks and drug tests and we make sure that all of our staff hold proper valid licenses. Our campus security services cover the institute’s buildings as well as adjacent grounds. We make sure that our staff has proper training and understand how to interact with young adults.

Parks Security

Parks and playgrounds are places where people come with their loved ones to relax and enjoy nature. We understand that you cannot properly relax and unwind if you are always concerned about your safety or the safety of your loved ones and belongings. 

Parks are huge open spaces which increases the chances of muggings and theft. Installing cameras works but you always need guards on ground to make sure no unfortunate incident occurs. At Keen Security Services we train our guards in a way that they understand the dynamics of park security and are able to cover maximum area with efficiency. 

Construction Site Security

Construction sites are often a victim of theft as they are open and mostly left unsupervised. With a lot of valuable material present at these sites they become a prime target of criminal activities. Hiring a professional construction site security service will not only give you peace of mind but also ensure that you don’t lose any valuable material. 

KSS ensures that the security guards employed at construction sites are vigilant and are physically able to perform night duties without any problem. Our guards not only cover exit and entry points at a construction site but also develop a patrol routine to cover the complete site. 

Other Security Services 

Keen Security Services is a complete security solution provider. Other than the services discussed above we also provide a number of other security services to residents of Manteca and surrounding cities. From armed and unarmed personal security to special events security, whatever your needs might be, KSS provides you the security that you deserve. Some of the other security services that we provide are: 

  • Personal Security Service
  • Government Building Security
  • Hotel/Motel Security
  • Warehouse Security 
  • Apartment Security 
  • Special Events Security
  • Shopping Center Security
  • Storage Unit Security 

Become a Licensed Security Guard In Manteca 

Along with the security services mentioned above, KSS is also one of the few security agencies in the area that is offering BSIS approved guard card training courses to anyone who wants to start a career as a personal or professional security guard in Manteca. 

Our courses are carefully designed to meet the challenges of the job and prepare you according to real life scenarios. If you want to become a licensed security guard in Manteca, contact us now!

Highlights About Manteca

Located 76 miles east of San Francisco, Manteca offers a suburban feel to its residents. People in Manteca enjoy excellent educational facilities and most of the people are homeowners which indicates affordable housing. 

Because of the close proximity to farmlands, residents of Manteca enjoy fresh produce all year long. Another amazing thing about Manteca is the number of parks and open recreational spaces in the city. It offers a healthy environment for businesses to flourish and new businesses to grow. 

If you are looking to hire security services for your business, any local park, school campus or your apartment complex in Manteca, then you can trust Keen Security Services to provide you affordable and professional security services.

Locations we serve near Manteca: 

Other than Manteca KSS also provides security services in the following cities: