Campus security is one of the prime concerns of parents as well as students when they are looking for a potential school, college or university. A safe and secure campus can ensure peace of mind for parents and children alike and make sure that students can focus all their energy towards their studies and skill development. Keen Security Services provides campus security services to various educational institutes in different cities of Central California. 

We offer highly customizable campus security services tailored according to the needs of the institute. Our guards are well trained and know how to handle different security situations that might occur in any educational institute. 

Campus security services

Full Range of Campus Security Services

At KSS we ensure that we cover every aspect of security that an educational institution might need. Following are some of the main features of campus security services provided by Keen Security Services.

Diversity Training: We understand that educational institutes are home to people coming from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds. Our guards employed on campus security duties are specially trained in a culture sensitive manner. 

Emergency Response Training: KSS ensures that the guards on campus security duty are trained to respond to any emergency that might occur in a campus such as fire, active shooter, fights etc. 

First Aid Training: All of our guards are capable of providing first aid to students and faculty in case of any emergency.

Parking Lot Security: Our packages also include security of campus parking areas. 

Events Security: Universities and colleges are home to many special events such as concerts, sports events, convocation etc. KSS provides special event security services for educational institutes. 

Customized Campus Security Services

We understand that the security needs of different educational campuses can vary to a great extent. The security needs are dependent on various aspects such as size of campus, number of students, level of education, and the area in which the campus is situated. Considering all these factors, KSS provides highly customizable campus security services to schools, colleges and universities across central California. 

Why Trust Keen Security Services

Keen Security Services is providing campus security services to a number of educational institutes in central California. Following are some of the reasons why KSS is trusted by these institutions. 

Trained Guards:

At KSS we only hire and deploy highly trained and certified guards. There is no compromise on this policy and all of our guards are professional and licensed security guards.

Customer Service:

As a family owned business Keen Security Services understands the importance of good customer service. Our customer service department is always willing to help guide our clients and cater to their queries. 

Customized Security Plans:

At KSS we strongly believe in providing the services that are necessary for our clients. We do not believe in over charging our clients by proposing security services that are not required. This is why we provide the option to our clients to customize the security plans according to their needs. 

Keen Security Services is proud to provide its campus security services in the following cities of Central California:


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