Who is Keen Security Services?

Keen Security Services is a trusted family-owned security services provider in Central California for over 10 years. Our professionally trained officers are licensed by the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services so you only get the best of services. We take care of your every possible security needs; be it residential security, personal security, commercial security or enterprise-level security.

And it’s not just about the services. Our excellent customer service ensures that every question of our clients is met as quickly and as efficiently possible. And our reasonable pricing makes sure that every individual and company has access to quality security without breaking their banks. 

Security Services we provide in California

KSS is a family run business and we offer various security services across different counties in California. We understand the importance of quality security and we make sure we provide exactly that. Our security services are tailored according to your needs be it warehouse security, campus security, private event security or personal security. Our guards and officers are available 24/7 to serve you. 

Personal Security 

Without any doubt, personal security is important. Especially for people who have high profiles, live in a criminally active area or have been subject to any threats or accidents previously. Not only that, personal security also ensures that your property and visible assets like car and house etc. are protected as well.

Keen Security Services offer customizable personal security plans that fit your specific needs. Our professionally trained, licensed security guards can be armed or unarmed depending on the type of service you need. With Keen’s security guards protecting you, you can move around freely without worrying about anything!

Construction Site Security

Establishing and maintaining a concrete security plan for any construction site can be a challenging task for the owners as well as contractors. With the cost of construction material going up the chances of break ins and thefts at construction sites are also increasing. Soft security measures such as CCTVs and Alarm systems are good but they are not effective enough to deter criminal activity. 

KSS understands the importance and complexities of construction site security and we make sure that our team is prepared and trained to face these challenges. With our trained and professional security guards employed at your construction sites you can be truly at peace and not worry about missing or stolen construction material. 

Government Facilities

Government facilities house critical information and national assets. And that is why these facilities are often targets of criminal activity. Compromising on a government facility’s security means compromising on the general public’s security. Not only that, an attack on any government level institution can cause great harm to government information, government employees, national building and national data. 

KSS understands all the intricacies and importance of protecting government buildings from any criminal activity. That is why our best trained guards are dispatched to protect the government facilities. We offer 24/7 security and surveillance to all entrances and exits of government buildings and are fully trained to proactively respond to any threat. 

Hotels & Motels Security

With different types of people visiting hotels and motels you can never be sure who you might run into. The frequency of visitors at any hotel or motel and uninterrupted approach or entry points make them a prime target for break ins and thefts. It is important to make sure that you have an effective security plan for your business to ensure the safety of your staff as well as your guests. 

KSS provides armed and unarmed security to various hotels and motels across Central California. We make sure that our security does not interfere in any way in the operations of your business while providing you the best and highest level of security. Our diligent security staff is always on the lookout of any potential security hazard and always priorities the security and safety of your staff and guests. 

Other Security Services 

Other than the security services discussed above, KSS also provides a number of different security services to individuals, businesses and organisations all across several cities in California. We provide mall security, campus security, special event security, warehouse security, parking enforcement and other similar security services. Our team consists of professionals and we as a family run business customer service is always our top priority. 

Our other services include: 

  • Educational Institutions’ Security
  • Parks and Public Avenues Security 
  • Warehouses Security
  • Special Events Security
  • Storage Unit Security 

Become a Licensed Security Guard In California 

We also provide BSIS approved guard training courses to anyone who wants to kick start their career as a professional security guard. Our training is designed keeping in mind the on-job challenges and is based on industry best practices. 

Our course is designed by security experts and is one of the best Guard Card Security courses that you can get in California. We have designed this course based on more than 10 years of experience in the field and we are constantly improving it to make sure that we can provide the best course content

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California is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world and offers a little for everyone. From Disneyland, golden gate bridge, Universal Studios Hollywood, beaches, and national parks, California has a little bit of everything for everyone. California is also known for its luxury lifestyle and extensive parties.

Surely, such a beautiful place must be cherished and enjoyed to the fullest and that is only possible if you feel safe living there. With Keen Security Service, you can stop worrying about security concerns and explore the area as much as you like while we take care of you and your property.

Locations we serve in California: 

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